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medisana Exhibits at Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair 2023 Featuring Innovative Smart Health Management Products


Hong Kong, 18 May 2023 – medisana, a leading specialist in the home healthcare market with over 40 years of expertise, recently exhibited at the Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair 2023. The three-day event brought together medical and healthcare companies from around the world seeking the latest products and industry developments. The event gave medisana an opportunity to showcase its full portfolio of smart health monitoring and wellness solutions designed to empower consumers to proactively manage their health. Products on display include medisana’s smart health management products, “Home Health Trio”, and the latest massage devices. With the rapid advancements in smart technology, medisana’s smart health management series has become one of the company’s strategic focus areas. At the exhibition, the brand showcased its latest health management devices, including the BU 584 connect Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, TM 350 connect Multi-functional Infrared Thermometer with Bluetooth, PM 100 connect Pulse Oximeter, BS 380 connect 8-sensor 9-in-1 Body Analysis scale, and MediTouch 2 connect Blood Glucose Monitor starter kit. By integrating seamlessly with the VitaDock+ mobile app via Bluetooth, these health monitoring devices transmit data and display it clearly in graphs and charts, enabling users to effortlessly track key metrics over time. This provides meaningful insights into their health status, helping them identify concerning trends early on and gain greater self-awareness to proactively manage their well-being. In addition, two Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, BU 380 and BU 312 has recently launched within medisana’s “Home Health Trio” series. The former one is equipped with an atrial fibrillation detection function utilizing photoelectric module technology to detect atrial fibrillation signals through finger scanning. The BU 312 offers both battery and USB-C charging, reducing environmental impact, and complements the new energy-efficient thermometer TM 40G. These intuitive, easy-to-use devices continuously track the key vital signs to detect early signs of serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes that empower prompt interventions to prevent adverse health outcomes. medisana’s latest line of massage products has become indispensable for office workers prone to aches and pains from prolonged sitting and poor posture. The latest releases, which include the TT 200 3-in-1 Electro Therapy Device, NM 900 Wireless 6-in-1 Neck Massager, CB 200 Foot Circulation Booster, CF 200 Warm & Air Compression Calf Massager and MCG 820 Comfort Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Seat Cover, helps office workers relax and relieve discomfort. The convenient at-home massage options enable users to destress anytime, ease muscle fatigue and enjoy an improved sense of wellbeing. These solutions demonstrate how health devices can enhance quality of life for those balancing demanding workers with a need for self-care. At the exhibition, medisana’s team demonstrated how these products are revolutionizing personal health monitoring and management via real-time data and health recommendations. As a company committed to the health of people with the motto “Your health in good hands”, medisana gathers valuable customer and market insights at the medical fair to develop the next generation of intelligent, data-driven home healthcare products that set new standards for empowering users to optimize their health and wellbeing. – END – About medisana medisana is one of the leading specialists in the home healthcare market. From 2018 to 2022, for an unprecedented five consecutive years, medisana has had the distinct honour of being bestowed the acclaimed German Brand Award. For over 40 years, the German company has been committed to the health of people with the motto “Your health in good hands” — promoting personal health management, empowering everyone on physical beauty, and enjoying a healthy living environment. medisana develops, markets and sells products in the categories of Mobile Health, Health Control, Wellness, Sport, Body Care, Therapy and Healthy Home for health-conscious consumers worldwide. medisana is a pioneer in the trend of mobile health management and provides future-oriented products for modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world. The brand’s health management products have received MDD 93/42/EEC CE certification for EU medical devices, and have attained endorsements from prominent local medical authorities across regions served, guaranteeing the excellence of product quality and measurement precision. medisana’s network covers Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, and other regions. More countries and regions will join the medisana network in the future, delivering a new healthy living to the world. For more information, please visit: Website : E-shop : Facebook : Youtube :